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The first FDA lecture successfully held in changzhou

time:2019-03-19 02:29:15

From March 7 to 8, 2019,the first FDA lecture was successfully held in Changzhou modern medical device industry research institute.Albert Rego, us FDA industry and scientific advisor, and Dona Tseng, us FDA compliance advisor, were invited to Changzhou to give a special lecture on FDA regulation and risk management to pharmaceutical and mechanical enterprises in jiangsu province.
This lecture is co-sponsored by Changzhou institute of modern medical device industry research institute and Huajian US Services. Jiang jianying, secretary general of wujin medical device industry chamber of commerce, attended the speech.We also invited Zhu weizhong from changzhou modern medical device industry research institute and Xue yuhua from changzhou medical device industry association.Many industry colleagues warmly came to participate the FDA lecture.The office was full with lots of people.

Albert Rego used his more than 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment industry to report about new trends in FDA applications for medical device with vivid examples.Many students put forward many questions, Albert patiently answered one by one.Everyone thanks to Albert with warm applauses from time to time!

In the second day,Dona Tseng used her extensive experience in the field of biopharmaceuticals to report the production and process of pharmaceuticals and excipients.

At the same time, we also invited Fiona (wang fang), CFO of Huajian US, reported about the road map to get into USA and resource advantage analysis of pharmaceuticals research and development in southern California based on her more than ten years' experience in the United States.

On Women’s Day,we prepared exquisite refreshments for the ladies as present.

Finally, with resource of the United States, Huajian US has formulated a one-to-one business delegation of Chinese medical enterprises to the United States project for the industry enterprises.So that everyone can truly feel the cutting-edge technology and management innovation of the American medical industry.

In march, Huajian sincerely hopes that this lecture can help pharmaceutical and device enterprises to grow together and wish Changzhou medical industry enterprises to develop faster, higher and farther!

For lecture file, please follow WeChat official account: Huajian US
Fiona(Wang Fang) 
Wechat ID :momorsm   Email: fwang@huajianus.com

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