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The first FDA lecture in Changzhou is coming!

time:2019-02-26 06:00:00

In order to promote the globalization of domestic medical industry, changzhou medical device industry research institute and Huajian US services jointly organized a two-day FDA lecture from March 7 to 8, 2019.At that time, we will face to face to discuss with FDA experts about topic of FDA regulation and risk management.


We look forward to exploring the overseas market together with our brother enterprises, learning together and making progress together!


Details of the lecture No.1 are as follows:

1.Time: March 7,2019  9am-5pm [Medical device session]

 March 8,2019  9am-5pm [pharmaceuticals and excipients session]


2.Location: Changzhou medical device industry research institute

Floor 3,Building E4, no.9 changyang road, wujin economic development district,213100,Changzhou,China

3.Trianing fee:for free(include lunch)


² Albert Rego—FDA Consultant in Huajian US Services; PhD in Chemistry; pharmaceutical and medical device research

² Dona Tseng—FDA Compliance Consultant; BS Chemical Engineering; specialize in Biologics Drug Process Development & Manufacturing

² Fiona Wang—CTO in Huajian US Services; FDA Regulatory affairs and application advisory services;14 years American medical research experience

² Li Yanhua—Chief Consultant(China) in Huajian US Services; 20 years of practical experience; serve hundreds of enterprises


Want to learn more information?Contact us!

Contact:Phoebe Tu  Tel:+86-132-7092-3293(WeChat)


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